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Our VoiceSys VR is a speech recognition software that converts natural spoken language audio recording into draft documents. The draft documents will be sent to the VoiceSys Editor (WordScript) for second-level transcription/editing. The transcriptionists review and edit the document to ensure 99% accuracy. This increases the productivity of the transcriptionists, as they now spend time doing direct edits versus typing the entire document. This makes for a more efficient transcription process.

Speech Recognition is a continuous learning process, wherein the speech engine slowly learns the speech pattern of every new dictator/user and rapidly gets better at understanding them accurately. Therefore, the longer the engine is exposed to the dictator/user’s dictation, the better it gets at recognizing their dictation & speech.



Process Flow:

T-PAS (Pharmacy Automation System)


Advantages of T-PAS:

T-DAS (Dental Automation System)


Advantages of T-DAS:

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