We craft cooperating experiences to bridge business’ goals and user’s needs.


The service prototype has the objective of replicating, as much as possible, the final experience of interacting with the service, in order to test and validate all the design choices. We at M-Squared helps you to observe how the overall experience is orchestrated and refine all the design specifications through our prototype services. Know what you want but don’t know how to create it? We can design a prototype to your exact specifications, with unique designs for as many screens as you need. Once we’re done, we’ll link it all together to create a clickable prototype of your dream app.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) design is the process design squads use to generate products that deliver evocative and applicable experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. The User experience service at M-Squared, is concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. It is a story that begins before the device is even in the user’s hands.

User Interface

User Interface Design, IS a technology-focused role that seeks to create digital software that entices the user into a seamless interaction between human and computer. Our design process includes consumer research into how people use the technology. design and create a software interface by prioritizing Users and business requirements over technology limitations and constraints. We help you to participate in the design process as a consultant on possibilities, take the design that is created by the UX Designer as an input, understands it, knows enough to appreciate it, work through the constraints and execute the design vision into engineered reality.

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