• Software Services

    Software Solutions

    Develop customized and secured software that benefits the growth of your business.
  • Web App Development

    Web App Development

    Creating unique websites that augment your identity through the world.
  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    Always on guard and protecting your business assets online on the frontline of your business.
  • BPO Services

    BPO Services

    In the era of technology, the business needs to be developed to compete in the market and during these challenging times, and our business process outsourcing experts can create business continuity for your business with better intelligent workflows to transform your organization.
  • Software Services

    Mobile App Development

    Developing apps, making life and communication Easier.
  • e-Learning Services

    E-Learning Solutions

    We at M-Squared, help you to access the e-learning solutions with the help of skilled and professional trainers.
  • Designing

    UI/UX Solutions

    We craft cooperating experiences to bridge business’ goals and user’s needs.
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI changes everything, it makes the world smarter and easier to handle.



Complete Software

M-Squared has robust and durable programming teams highly professional in software solutions and artificial intelligence programs, E-Learning and E-Commerce platforms and health care systems, as well as banking and accounting software development for financial, mortgage, automotive and management industries. We develop contemporary and comprehensive E-learning apps that utilize electronic devices for delivery, interaction or facilitation. It can be synchronous, asynchronous, Instructor-Led or computer based or a combination.

Artificial Intelligence

These days, industries in different sectors are meeting unequaled stages of intricacy. To succeed and nurture in this stimulating world, businesses must acclimate at the rapidity and find new ways of working to engender enduring business value. However, businesses can only be as efficacious as the data they capture and integrate into their enterprise operations, which is why applying data and analytics at every prospect is becoming a criterion for structural success and unsettling decision making. AI is evidenced contributory in driving business visions, diminishing the possibility of human error, refining complete business productivity and growing innovation in today’s connected world.


Blockchain is a technological revolution that has the potential to drive reflective, positive change. From tracing routes of money or inventory and fast-tracking business communications to smart assurance contracts and reserving information in a devolved, tamper-proof ledger, blockchain’s aptitude to transfigure businesses durations, applications and industries. M-Squared delivers businesses with a broad interpretation of blockchain sites and their probable consequences. We support you at each of your stages of blockchain implementation, from design thinking-driven assessment to evaluating blockchain solutions from numerous proportions and to complete implementation of solutions. Our proficiency, technology-driven approach, purpose-built architectures and end-to-end delivery fast-track your enterprise blockchain distributions.

Cyber Security Solution

Connecting your network with other networks may abridge leading businesses, but it could permit cyber attackers to snip off your data anytime. The theft of your trade secrets, blueprints, or designs can allow a competitor anywhere in the world to create your products, sell them far cheaper and put your company out of business. Your network, supply chain and IoT systems can all put your business at risk, and to protect it, you need the right barricades. We at M-Squared, with the help of our professionals and expertise, provide the best cyber security services that secure your creations and intellectual property. We shield establishments by providing battle-tested, best-in-class cybersecurity solutions that diminish risks, progress security operations, and fast-track ROI for Security and IT teams.
In short, we’re here to protect and safeguard human innovations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) defines the network of physical objects that are rooted with sensors, software, and other technologies for the resolution of linking and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. IoT solutions integrate all IoT device designers, software developers and product manufacturers who need to develop and implement IoT ideas, including hardware IP and software platforms. Resourceful processor designs combined with AI-enhanced intelligence, end-to-end security, development platforms and tools for multiple assignments, devices and clouds, and massive scalability are all essential elements of an IoT solution.

App Development

Apps are everywhere to be seen and everywhere to be accessed. Apps, these days are the most essential ones in a normal man’s life to a corporate business need. We at M-Squared, develop apps through technology-driven innovative and professional methodologies and plans. Every sector will have various and different functionality. According to these functions and structures, we support you in discovering the right technology and frameworks you will necessitate. Our mobile application development team assorts innovative technologies in your mobile app to emerge your mobile app ahead in the market.

On Your Need

M-Squared is a team that has a passion for developing and delivering enterprise-grade applications and knows how to take custom software application ideas from concept to delivery. Holding the experience of working with 100+ companies, we have developed applications that are now being used by millions of consumers worldwide. We understand how to build successful software products tailor made to the needs of the client.

Tailor Made for the customers

At M-Squared, we believe in delivering our works with the best innovative technologies, implemented in the clients’ needs. Each of our products are customized with the skills of the experienced professionals and developers, who build up a concrete plan and strategy for the growth and development of your product, software or apps.

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We make sure that each of our software we develop or apps we make are in the market, growing successfully, delivering satisfaction and ROI to our clients.

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